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Catalina. Learn how to enable screen sharing for
This article describes the status of videos saved in Kaltura MediaSpace that have been marked for deletion in Zoom.
At one time or another you will probably want to record your meeting or webinar for training, legal, or any other purposes.
Zoom has two types of recordings, local recording and cloud recording. Local recordings, which come standard with all Zoom accounts, are saved to your computer. Cloud recordings, included with all paid accounts, are saved to the Zoom Cloud where they can be viewed, shared, and downloaded.
Both options provide standard MP4 video, M4A audio, and chat text files.
This article describes how to share a Zoom recording to D2L Brightspace via Kaltura MediaSpace.
This article describes how to access and save the whiteboard feature in Kaltura Capture.
Zoom is a web conferencing system. It supports video and audio over the Internet, screen sharing, meeting recording, whiteboard, Outlook calendar integration and use on mobile devices.