Always On VPN (AOVPN): Information & Use

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  • What is Always On VPN (AOVPN) and when do you need to use it


AOVPN allows for a persistent network connection to the college resources and is enabled as soon as the Windows-based college-owned device is turned on. Normally, on-campus resources are accessed by connecting to VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) first, then followed by resource access & initiation. By providing a persistent connection via AOVPN, on-campus only resources can be quickly accessed.


AOVPN + Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)
What I can access AOVPN + Cisco AnyConnect
Network Drives Automatic  
Software Center Automatic  
Printing from remote location to on-campus printer Automatic  
AR-Slate Automatic  
Jabber   Need to connect
Remote to on-campus (office) computer   Need to connect
OIT Remote Assistance Automatic  
Program-based File Shares/Network Drive (like ATC's IT-Program)   Need to connect
Academic Schedule Archive (Intranet accessible only) Automatic on Windows Laptops Need to connect for Apple Laptops

First-time connection with AOVPN

Some users will experience longer wait and install times as AOVPN is set up for the first time, which may be a result of:

  • College-provided computer is connecting to the college network for the first time after being off-campus for longer than one month
  • Off-campus computer not connecting to the standard VPN connection OR device was taken home without VPN installed
  • Computer operating system and security policies are out-of-date
  • Additional software updates are needed prior to moving to 'ready to work' state

Once the computer has received the necessary updates, the device is operational.

NOTE:  Some applications will need AOVPN and Cisco AnyConnect enabled/connected to ensure proper connectivity.

  • Some users experience issues with Jabber without VPN enabled. This is due to connection incompatibility between computers that are on-campus or have received system updates and telework systems that have not automatically received the appropriate application and system updates (because the computer has not connected to VPN)


AOVPN is a necessary tool to help maintain the security and operation of Windows-based college-owned devices. 

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