D2L Brightspace: Intelligent Agents - Personalize the "From" Field

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Question: Can I personalize the "From" field in the D2L Intelligent Agent emails that students receive?

  • I would like my students to see my name instead of  "ARCC D2L Helpdesk”.

Answer: Yes.  The Intelligent Agent "From" field can be personalised with your own name and campus email address.

Note: This article describes adding personalization to an intelligent agent's "From" field.  For general information about D2L Intelligent Agents, please see D2L: Using Intelligent Agents.

By default, D2L Intelligent Agent emails show that they come From Anoka-Ramsey D2L Helpdesk <D2LHelpdesk@anokaramsey.edu>.  You can put your name in the "From" field.  You can also type in your email address for reply-to responses.  Use your campus email address.  Do not use other email addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail.  They are problematic due to how spam filters operate.  These settings have to be set in each course.  Once these settings are saved, they will affect all future emails sent by an Intelligent Agent in your course. 

  1. In your course, click "Course Admin".
  2. Click "Intelligent Agents".
  3. Click "Settings".
  4. Select “Set custom values for this course”.
  5. Type in your name.
  6. Type in your campus email address.
  7. Click "Save". 


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