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General Information 


  • What is ISRS?


  • ISRS stands for Integrated Statewide Records System. This Enterprise Resource Planning software system is used in day-to-day business for students and administrative activities.

  • ISRS is governed by Minnesota State. 

  • For more information, click on ISRS at Minnesota State.

    •     Username:
              StarID password

  • ISRS is used for managing and coordinating resources (students, employees, buildings), information and functions (student admission/registration, payroll, room scheduling).

  • ISRS has at least 32 integrated modules including:


Accounting Cost Allocation Primary Student
Accounts Payable Course Term Prospect Core
Accounts Receivable Curriculum Prospective Admissions
Admissions/Recruitment Customized Training Purchasing
Budgeting Facilities Registration
Career Services Financial Aid Security Administration
College/Program Search Fixed Assets Student Housing
Communications Human Resources Student Master
Consumable Inventory Identity and Access Management Survey Builder
Contracts Menu System System-Wide Reporting

For access to ISRS:

  • Please work with your supervisor to determine which modules/groups and reports you will need to view/run for your position
  • If your supervisor knows which modules/groups, then use the KB article ISRS: Adding Uniface Groups to request access
  • If your supervisor is not sure which modules/groups to use, please have them email Daryl Johnson to ask for his support. He will determine and add which groups are best based on the communication with your supervisor
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