Remote Desktop: Connecting and Creating a Shortcut to a Remote Computer in Windows

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Question: Is there an easy way to automatically connect to a remote computer?

  • While working remotely, you might need to connect to computers at various campus locations.

Answer: Shortcuts allow you to quickly access remote computers.

  • You can save a shortcut to a specific computer at a remote campus location.
  1. Search "Remote Desktop" by clicking on the magnifying glass  in the task bar (lower left of your screen).
  2. Open the "Remote Desktop Connection" app.
  3. Enter the name of the computer that you are trying to reach.  
  • Note: If you are trying to reach the SLATE desktop enter in "ar-slate".
  • Select "Show options" then "Allow me to save credentials" if you do not want to enter your password each time you remote into the computer.
  • While in the options menu, click the display tab, then check the "Use all my monitors for the remote session" check-box, if you would like the remote desktop connection to open on both monitors, 
  1. Make sure you have the "General" tab selected then click "Save As".
  • It is suggested that you name the shortcut after the name of the computer that it will be connecting to.
  • Place the shortcut on your computer's desktop by changing the path from "Documents" to "Desktop".
  1. The icon will appear on your desktop.
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