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Pinned Article New Employee Technology & Learning Resources

New Employee Welcome Information

Pinned Article Technology Training Sessions for Students 2022-2023

This article is updated with training events for our new and returning students. Additional sessions will be added as trends or needs arise.

Pinned Article Zoom: Web Conferencing

Zoom is a web conferencing system. It supports video and audio over the Internet, screen sharing, meeting recording, whiteboard, Outlook calendar integration and use on mobile devices.

Captioned Media: Finding YouTube Videos that are Properly Captioned

This article describes how one can search for YouTube videos that have already been properly closed-captioned.

Computer Tips for Remote Proctoring (Proctorio & Examplify) Use

Computer Tips for Remote Proctoring (Proctorio & Examplify).

D2L - VitalSource External Learning Tool

Add VitalSource External Learning Tool Link to Your Course

D2L and SmarterMeasure (Pre-release)

SmarterMeasure is integrated in D2L. It shows all areas and what readiness level the student scored in each – low, medium, and high

D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is Minnstate’s online learning management system. Instructors and students use D2L to post and upload learning content and assignments.

D2L Brightspace: Clear Announcements

When you enter D2L you are greeted with the Announcement area and can see often times several announcements.

D2L Brightspace: Faculty introduction to the learning environment

This articles describes the features built into D2L Brightspace. D2L Brightspace is a learning environment engineered with learning in mind. Faculty can supplement their in-class courses or use it to deliver 100% of their course online.

D2L Brightspace: Intelligent Agents - Personalize the "From" Field

This article covers how to add personalization to the "From" field when sent by an Intelligent Agent.

D2L Brightspace: Manage Dates

FACULTY: Use Manage Dates to quickly and efficiently modify dates for any given course. (This is particularly handy to use after a course copy has been completed.)

D2L Brightspace: Minnesota State Support Site

ALL: How to access the Minnesota State D2L Support site to view Knowledge Articles on common questions, known issues, and best practices.

D2L Brightspace: Using Intelligent Agents

This article describes how to automate certain communications to your class based on various course activity.

D2L Brightspace: Viewing courses

How to view courses in D2L

D2L Brightspace: Why is my course not displayed

Why is my course in D2L not visible

D2L: Activating Classes in D2L

This article describes the steps faculty must take in order to make their D2L class active.

D2L: Adding and Removing Items from Drop-down Menus

This article describes how to remove and add items from the drop-down menu in D2L.

D2L: Changing the Text in the Course Banner

This article describes how to change your course banner.

D2L: Checking the Accessibility of HTML Files

This article describes how to use the "Check Accessibility" tool to make sure in D2L This feature checks to make sure your HTML page is accessible and that it looks correct.

D2L: Checklist Tool

The D2L Checklist tool allows you to create lists of items that must be completed for an assignment.

D2L: Embed MediaSpace Content with the My Media Option

How to Embed MediaSpace Content with the My Media Option in D2L.

D2L: Extending Course End Dates

Student Access to D2L Courses After the End of the Semester.

D2L: File Will Not Upload. “Oops, your file could not be uploaded”

This article describes common reasons why a student might receive the error, “Oops, your file could not be uploaded".

D2L: Finding Images of Multicultural Learners

This article provides links to websites where images of multicultural learners can be found.

D2L: How Are Student Quiz Responses Saved?

This article provides an overview of the way that quiz responses are saved.

D2L: LDA and Student Enrollments

Student enrollments with F grade and LDA.

D2L: Retrieving Student Scores with Failing Final Grades

Previewing the grade of a student with a failing grade from the "Enrollment Statistics" page.

D2L: Start Date, Due Date, and End Date

How Start Date, Due Date, and End Date work in the D2L Assignments tool.

D2L: View the Days that a Student Accessed a D2L Course

View D2L attendance for each student in your class.

D2L: View the Days that a Student Accessed a D2L Course When no Longer in Classlist

Viewing the attendance for a student who no longer appears in your classlist.

D2L: Word Count in HTML Editor

General information relating to Word Count in D2L's HTML editor.

How to send emails through the D2L Brightspace class list

This article describes how to send an email to an individual student, a group of students, or the entire class through D2L

Kaltura MediaSpace - How to Access the Kaltura Capture Whiteboard Feature

This article describes how to access and save the whiteboard feature in Kaltura Capture.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Editing 3rd Party Captions

This article shows how to edit third-party captions.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Logging In

This article describes how to log in to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Publishing and Sharing a Video

This article describes how to add information to and publish your video on Kaltura MediaSpace.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Storing Zoom Recordings for Longer Than One Year

This article describes the status of videos saved in Kaltura MediaSpace that have been marked for deletion in Zoom.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Transferring Video Ownership

Transferring Kaltura MediaSpace video ownership to another person.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Video Editing

This article talks about some of the basic editing functions that can be found in Kaltura MediaSpace.

Link to your MediaSpace video (including cloud-saved Zoom meetings) in D2L

Videos in Kaltura MediaSpace can be linked out to D2L Brightspace using the Share feature of MediaSpace. The steps described in this article will help you post your videos within D2L Brighspace.

MediaSpace: Add a Public YouTube Video to your Kaltura MediaSpace Account

This article describes the method used to add public video YouTube to your MediaSpace account.

MediaSpace: Adding Non-English Language Captions to your Video

This article describes how to add non-English language captions to your MediaSpace video.

MediaSpace: Best Practices for Recording a More Professional Video

This article outlines best practices when creating a video presentation.

Office 365: Immersive Reader

This article describes the usage of the Immersive Reader tool in Office 365.

Proctorio - Enable Screen recording Permission for macOS Catalina(10.15) and later

Apple introduced new security and privacy features with macOS
Catalina. Learn how to enable screen sharing for Daily.co.

Remote Proctoring: Getting started with Respondus Monitor in D2L Brightspace

Respondus Monitor is a remote proctoring tool that conveniently integrates with D2L. It uses the student’s webcam and microphone to record testing sessions for later review. This software contributes to academic integrity by providing a way to verify student identity and by providing a deterrent to cheating.

Remote Proctoring: How to take an exam with Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor enables a student to take proctored exams online. Respondus Monitor uses the student's webcam and microphone to record test sessions for later review.

Scantron: Using the Scantron Machine

This article contains links to a website that discuss the use of the Scantron test scoring machine.

Student Engagement: Being "Present" in a Course

This article defines "Being Present" in a course and methods that faculty can use to do so.

Turnitin: Plagiarism prevention service

Turnitin® is an internet based plagiarism prevention service. Instructors and students can submit papers to the website, which is checked against billions of webpages, works previously submitted to Turnitin®, and a repository of journals, and other publications. This tool helps instructors engage students in the writing process by providing feedback that can both assess and help improve students' work. No download, registration, or login is needed.

Uninstall / "Clean" Uninstall of Examplify - Mac

Uninstall Examplify on your MacBook or other Mac OS X computer

Where can I Find Additional Resources for D2L Tools, D2L Pulse App and MediaSpace?

Information about the D2L Support site can be found in this article.

Windows Basics: How to Move a Lost/Off-Screen Window Back to Your Desktop

How to Move a Lost/Off-Screen Window Back to Your Desktop

Zoom: Live Captions

Live captioning in Zoom

D2L Brightspace: Copy all materials between courses

FACULTY: Step by step instructions on how to copy course content from one D2L Brightspace course to another.

D2L Brightspace: Creating Assignments

FACULTY: Create an Assignment folder inside D2L Brightspace for student submission of assignments.

D2L Brightspace: Login Information

ALL: Learn what Brightspace is and how to access the Login portal for D2L Brightspace.

How to install Kaltura Capture on a computer

This article describes how to install Kaltura Capture on a personal or school owned computer

Kaltura MediaSpace

Cloud based media management system.